Tyrtanos TB190

Black Olive’s Tartare (KALAMATA Olives) 190g.

Generally the olive’s pastes are made from the rest of olives after pressing and extracting olive oil.

Our tartare is exclusively made with whole Kalamata’s Olives selected for that use and finely chopped to conserve all of their taste and nutritive facts.

Not to be confused with “tapenade” witch always contain anchovy.

Product Avaliable in Europe.

Can be delivered after 30 – 45 days after Pre-Order.

Product’s Informations

  • Olive Paste Type: Black Olive’s Tartare from Black Olives.
  • Bottle type: Rounded jar
  • Cap type: Metallic safety cap
  • Jar Dimensions: Height: 8,8cm  Diameter: 6,8cm
  • Product Weight: 320g
  • Capacity: 190g


Kalamata Olives, Olive Oil,

Aromatic Herbs.

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