Zeolite & Biodynamic Cultivation

Zeolite absorbs toxic substances (radioactive elements, industrial pollutants, acid rain).
That way zeolite detoxify the soil and make it healthy like old times.It has the same effect as in the human body.

Zeolite best Natural Detoxifier

However, what they did not know back then is that olive oil contains antioxidants in high concentrations that can mop up free radicals, thus delaying the cellular aging process. They did not know that it has strong anti-cancer properties, that it prevents cardiovascular disease, that it has a regulatory effect on diabetes and hypertension, that is contributes to the proper development of children’s cardiovascular and nervous systems, just as they were not aware of all its other properties, as cited in many contemporary international studies.
But today we know. We know so much more about olive oil than they did, but unfortunately we no longer have access to the quality of olive oil that they had.

eK Effective Microorganisms
KOLOKOTRONIS OLIVE GROVES have focused for about 8 years on the production of olive oil through an intricate type of cultivation, mainly organic, but also enriched with the extensive use of Zeolite and active microorganisms, which produce olive oil with the same properties as the oil of the past.
We utilize biodynamic farming which makes extensive use of zeolite and active microorganisms to restore the environment of our olive groves to pre-industrialized conditions. A farming model that goes way beyond organic farming.
Since 2005, we made sure the amount of the olive oil produced continuously decreased while the quality increased.
The biochemical analyses of 2013 finally revealed an olive oil, which besides its aroma and taste, normally should be classified as medicine. What we managed to attain was a concentration of the recommended daily dose (20ml) of antioxidants, so that the olive oil could keep its “promise” for longevity and protection from many diseases.
With the MICROORGANISMS we protect the trees from diseases without any use of pesticides. By using COMPOST (organic fertilizer), firstly, we accomplish ideal nutrition for the trees and secondly, keep the soil alive.
We do not intervene at all with the ecosystem that surrounds our trees. Here you can see the natural vegetation visited by wild bees. This ecosystem is necessary for the natural protection of the olive tree from various plant diseases.

The Benefits:

At ELEONES KOLOKOTRONI, we have invested in new technologies and equipment for the improvement of the olive tree’s environment, allowing the tree to function according to its own biological rhythms and laws, without human intervention. Hence, the tree rewards us with fruit that, although limited in quantity, retains a quality that originates from a different time – a time when crops were not affected by a polluted environment.

Old Olive Trees for better Olive Oil
The zeolite – which is a mineral rock – neutralizes the harmful substances found in soil that can be absorbed by the olive tree, and ultimately degrade the quality of the olive oil. (Pesticides, industrial pollutants, radioactive heavy metals, acid rain byproducts) balancing the nutrients assimilated by the tree, as well as balancing the moisture in the soil.
One can notice the zeolite powder that covers the olive. Zeolite absorbs all the harmful substances that are transferred through the air onto the fruit (pesticides-herbicides from neighboring fields) and protects it from invasions by insects. It also protects the olive from the high temperatures during the summer months that can reach up to 40-42 ° C. Finally, it provides the fruit with the necessary humidity to avoid dehydration during the dry season. All the above result in the balanced ripening of the olive, in accordance with the biorhythms of the tree.

eK EVOOThe department of zeolite cultivation of the Kolokotronis Olive Groves produces 5,000-8,000kg of zeolithic organic olive oil annually, which is stored in nitrogen blanketed tanks, owned by Eleones Kolokotroni, at a temperature of 17-27°C. The quantity produced is published in our official webpage at the end of the olive oil crop year. The olive oil is bottled with equipment exclusively used by the Eleones Kolokotroni, in order to avoid cross-contamination with other olive oils through the piping of the machines. Finally, the pure oil is packaged in numbered 500ml glass bottles, featuring a unique and exquisite design.


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