When olive oil was not just a dressing for vegetables and meals but a medicine for stomach and intestinal diseases, for the bile and the kidney, or used as an ointment for eczemas or burns, one that would protect a newborn baby from infections, cure gingivitis and whiten the teeth; it could be used for ear infections in the form of drops, as a moisturizer for the skin, or as a hair shining product, and in many more cases, according to descriptions from Homer and Hippocrates and even other modern scholars.

However what they did not know back then is that olive oil contains in high concentration antioxidants that can prevent free radicals, thus avoiding the cellular aging. They did not know that it has strong anti-cancer properties, that it prevents cardiovascular disease, that it has a regulatory effect on diabetes and hypertension, that is contributes to the proper development of children’s cardiovascular and nervous system, just as they were not aware of all its other properties, as mentioned in modern international bibliography.

More Information ?

Why is our Olive Oil Better and more Tasty than Other Ones?

  • Koroneiki Olive Variety Used Only
  • Trees Up to 110 Years Old
  • A Ground like 2000 Years Ago
  • Bio Farming & Zeolite Cultivation
  • Moderns Installations

Because Some Details Matters
A total control of the Production and No Mixes makes our Pride :

  • The Harvest of Olives
  • The Sorting of Olives
  • The Control of Cold Pressing
  • The Result
  • of this Year Work
  • Self-Storage and -Bottling Process

During the last 8 years, we upgraded the production processes, using new technologies, equipment, scientific studies and through decades of experience, we produce and packaged high quality olive oil which we supply to the Greek and International market.

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