Discovery Box Limited Edition 2017

Our Exclusive Extra Virgin Zeolite Olive Oil Combined with our GreenOlive’s Tartare.

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« Let Food be the Medicine » ~ Hippocrates (The Father of Medicine)


A wonderful wooden Box that you will use during you use your products and for many other uses.

. 50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
. From the region of Messinia Greece
. First Pression Olive Oil
. Olive Oil obtained directely from olives and solely by Mechanical Means
. Cold Extraction

Olive oil quality charasteristics

Acidity* 0,28% – 0,45%
K232 <2.500
K270 <0.220
RI <0,010
Peroxide Value (mEqO2/kg) <20
Waxes <250
*Acidity depends on the annual weather condition and its vary from year to year. In any case within the limits of extra virgin olive oil.

Our Famous Olive’s Tartare with Almonds

Generally the olive’s pastes are made from the rest of olives after pressing and extracting olive oil.

Our tartare is exclusively made with whole Kalamata’s Olives selected for that use and finely chopped to conserve all of their taste and nutritive facts.

Not to be confused with “tapenade” witch always contain anchovy.

Net Weight : 190g
Producer : Ilias Kolokotronis Greece
Ingredients: Green Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Almonds, Sunflower Oil, Citric Acid, Dried Basil, Oregano, Sea Salt,
Ascorbic Acid.
Ready to Be Served.

Suggested Uses :

Smear on bread or on crackers.

In a sauce or tossed in salads.

Can also be used as sauce for pastas or potatoes.

The Contain of the Wooden Box :eK B50 and TG190 in Discovery Box

1x 50ml Extra Virgin Zeolite Olive Oil

1x 190g GreenOlive’s Tartare with Almonds

1x EK Multi-uses Bag to pack your present

1x Gift’s Packing Cord to prepare your present

2x EK Books to Explain and Show You How to Use Olive Oil as Medecine.

1x Dropper to Use Olive Oil as Medecine.

Other Suggested Uses for Oil : For shiny hair, Eczema, Sun Protection, Dry skin, MakeUp Removal, Skin and Hand Moisturizing, skin protection for infants …

2 tablespoons per day, consumed raw Increases the life expectancy of a healthy living.